YPS Pearls of Life Rabbi Fishel Todd

Rabbi Avigdor teaches us that if immorality is uncontrollable, how can we blame society for its descent into wickedness? The fact is that up till recently, and even today, most people are controlling it. The fact is that what’s depicted in the newspapers and in the other media is not a picture of life; it’s a perverted and crippled picture of what’s in the minds of the writers. Actually, many people are living normally; as you walk down blocks and blocks of Irish houses and Italian houses, they’re living more or less normally. They’re living married lives, and they are controlling themselves; otherwise there’d be mayhem, there’d be murder on all sides. Human beings are controlling themselves. Does it mean every Irish man is perfectly perfect all his life? This I wouldn’t say. But in general people are controlling themselves because that is the only way for civilized people to live. And therefore, we can’t say that the world has lost its control. Of course the liberals are doing their best to break down everything. But despite them, human nature abhors disorder; human nature likes a certain amount of decency, and therefore it will continue no matter what they do. Of course we have to try to stop the torrent of wickedness; we have to attempt to abolish pornography and so on, but that doesn’t mean that we’re losing the fight. We’ll never lose that fight; it’s inherent in human nature. There’s no society that ever abolished morality entirely; impossible. The Roman society, even the Greek society, even though they had certain perversions, but they had certain principles; you have to know a society that’s going to break down all the restrictions is going to decay and fall apart. And if America won’t stop this headlong flight into perversion, who knows what’s going to happen. Let’s hope the Italians and the Irish will win out against the Jewish liberals. Jewish liberals are doing the best to ruin America. I say the Jewish liberals – the truth is that the Orthodox Jews should help a little more than they’re doing; the Jewish Orthodox should identify with American scene and they should all join in the fight against pornography, against gays, and against women’s rights which really means immorality; women’s rights mean mixed dormitories in the colleges, mixed barracks in the military. The United States military has already yielded long before the ERA was passed – right now military barracks are mixed.

And so, it’s up to us to speak up and write letters; we must write to congressmen and protest constantly. And not to vote for liberals! Don’t vote for a liberal! Reagan is running now; it’s an opportunity. He’s a decent man. Of course I’m not going to put an OK on him and say a kosher l’mehadrin min hamehadrin, but as far as goyishe candidates go, everybody should work for Reagan [President Donald J. Trump]. Forget about being a Democrat, forget about your party affiliation, forget about the private deals. Some institutions make private deals with the politicians and they sell their vote or the votes of the Jews; don’t listen to them! Make it your business that the Jewish people should vote for Reagan – he’s more conservative and more decent than the others – because we have to fight for decency. It’s our big job today.

The Pearls of Life brings the holy words of Rebbe Nachman, who emphasized of the most important things in life is to be happy in every situation! Be happy, dance, thank Hashem! You’re already serving Hashem by the fact that you accept His will with emuna. That way, you serve Hashem in every situation and you can alsodo Teshuva. Remember well, it’s impossible to do Teshuva without joy! There is no such thing as being a JEW without joy! If there isn’t joy, there is nothing. So when you are happy, you can understand what Hashem wants from you, thank Hashem, you can do Teshuva, you can rectify! When you have happiness, you have light! You see! You can go forward! Look at Yosef Hatzaddik, [The Righteous] he was thrown into a dungeon not knowing if he would ever get out! Yet he didn’t get depressed! No wife, children, bank account nothing! There is a creator, and we have to accept and be very happy with whatever He wants! We must serve Him with joy in every situation, always! Pure faith brings a person to happiness, enabling him to be happy in every situation, in every circumstance! Happiness is a result of pure faith! And pure faith leads you to talk with the Creator, because if you believe, you talk! You don’t believe, you don’t talk! Don’t fool yourself, if you don’t talk, you don’t believe! Why fool yourself? Do you believe that the Creator of the Universe is next to you? Talk to Him! He is the boss. He is the sole address that there is in the world! He is the sole power that there is in the world! Talk to God! Pour how your heart to Him, ask His advice and most importantly thank Him for life, and all you have! The Creator decides everything. Let not the hysteria of politics etc overwhelm you! It’s all been decided! But we as mere mortals have to make that effort! Talk to God in every situation no matter how difficult the tribulations are! Anyone who undergoes some trial in life, some grief and yet expresses gratitude to GOD will rise from there to greatness. Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim

Rabbi Fishel Todd

Shulcan Aruch Project

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  1. Rabbi was so kind to always answer any questions that I may have from the reading and Judaism and life in general. I was able to learn valuable lessons from YPS and clarification from the rabbi as well. Highly recommended for whoever wants to get closer to Gd.

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